‘The groundwork of all happiness is health’ James Leigh Hunt.


I am a ‘forever young’ wife and mother, currently living in New York , with a passion for cooking and helping others shine to be happier and healthier forever!

In the past I suffered from an eating disorder, which dominated my life in my twenties this led to bouts of depression and culminated in years of allergies, swollen joints and chronic hives. I saw skin specialists in England, South Africa and USA, who put me on a cocktail of drugs to alleviate my symptoms (I have been given steroids and a leprosy drug!!). I had a ‘lightning bolt’ experience whilst at a motivational wellness conference and realised that I needed to change my life style, primarily the way I ate! Within a month of changing my diet, I stopped taking the prescription drugs and have not taken any since! This gave me the passion to share my positive experiences with others, to study at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the desire to spread the philosophy of Hippocrates, ‘let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.’ I love to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting, so that you don’t have to! All of my recipes are tried and tested on my family and friends- who are the most discerning food critics!

I want to revive the true meaning of diet- not the awful ‘get skinny quick fixes’ of the modern era but the true meaning of the Greek word= ‘way of life’. Shakespeare said ‘our bodies are our gardens- our wills are our gardeners’. Our way of life should be tending our garden and marveling at its beauty and uniqueness.

Making the changes for a happier, healthier you does not have to be difficult or torture, I never tell my clients they have to stop eating or drinking anything but introduce new and exciting alternatives. Oh! And, as my husband, Paul says, it is ok to ‘zag’ every now and then!


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